How to regain your manhood
When they talk about male power, most often they mean the possibilities of a man in the intimate sphere.
And this alone shows how important this topic is in the life of any representative of the strong half of humanity. Each, even the smallest mistake in bed can spoil the mood for a long time, and sometimes lead to depression. And if the "misfires" began to happen regularly, it's time to think: is erectile dysfunction looming on the horizon?
This beautiful scientific term is now called what used to be called impotence. The term "erectile dysfunction" is interpreted as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, this problem is familiar to many men – in the course of the international study "Men, Sex and erectile dysfunction", conducted by the American research agency Wirthlin Worldwide, it was found that about 52% of Russian men aged 30 to 60 years have potency disorders. True, many people have occasional problems with an erection, and this is not a cause for concern. For erectile dysfunction to be suspected as a diagnosis, the problem must become a regular one. More precisely, you can only talk about ED when a misfire follows a misfire for at least three months.
So, to begin with, let's understand-why does it occur? Erectile dysfunction was previously thought to be as much an age — related problem as the appearance of baldness or gray hair. Modern doctors have debunked this myth: a man should be ready to perform sexual intercourse and be able to perform it at any age. Well, the causes of potency disorders can be stress, chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.), hormonal disorders. No wonder ED is even called a barometer of men's health. In addition, a strong friendship with the "green snake", smoking, sexually transmitted infections, taking certain medications and even "abuse" of bath procedures can significantly weaken the male power.
What can I say — ED negatively affects the well-being, mood, self-esteem, and, of course, the quality of intimate relationships. According to expert estimates, at least half of divorces are related to sexual dissatisfaction. There is even a joke: good sex is 10% of a couple's relationship, and bad sex is 90% of the relationship.
However, fortunately, ED is treatable. Moreover — if the treatment is started on time, in 95% of cases there is a complete recovery! It is important to establish the exact cause of ED. For example, if it is a consequence of diabetes, you will need to take hypoglycemic agents. If the root of the problem is atherosclerosis — it will be necessary to bring the cholesterol level to normal levels. If ED is based on high blood pressure — you will need to normalize it. In general, it is necessary to improve men's health comprehensively.
And of course, you can not do without medications to strengthen and restore an erection. It is best to choose those that are suitable for men with various concomitant diseases. And, in addition, they struggle with the cause, and not just with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. By the way, whatever causes ED, it will always be based on vascular epithelial dysfunction.
With the help of modern scientific developments, you can no longer put an end to yourself: a problem that seemed unsolvable is solved by consistent treatment, and most importantly-a positive attitude to recovery, and then everything falls into place!